Building Embedded Web Stories for WordPress

About This Project

The story format promotes magazine-style visual storytelling by packaging content in an immersive viewport that works well on mobile & desktop. Brands have better engagement, conversion & content flexibility using the format. Not surprisingly, it is massively popular through Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks.

Although the format itself is appealing, the way most platforms implement stories has issues around accessibility and ephemerality. Additionally, some of these platforms limit story’s full functionality to their native mobile apps, even if they have fully functional websites.

We love stories as a format for their unique distraction-free experience. So when we received an opportunity to collaborate with Google for Web Stories, we were more than thrilled.

Meet Web Stories

Google’s Web Stories takes the immersive story format out of the confines of mobile apps and brings it to the open web. Every Web Story lives alongside other content and conforms exactly to your brand guidelines. The visual storytelling format works well for a wide range of categories like entertainment, food, how-to, listicles, and more. The possibilities to remix & reuse content is endless.

Web Stories are backed by Google and are discoverable from Google Search, News & Discover. Outside the confines of social media platforms, the stories format can both re-engaging your audience, as well as widen it.

Since Web Stories are long-lived and you can monetize them through ads, they will naturally fit into your existing content strategy.

Web Stories Editor for WordPress

Google’s Web Stories Editor for WordPress plugin makes it easy to create and manage stories straight from your WordPress dashboard and publish them to a platform that you fully control.