Re-establishing HSBC’s purpose and values in a changing Britain.


After years of international heritage as a global bank, HSBC had arguably lost its relevance in the UK. Britons had lost sight of what HSBC stood for, allowing the majority of potential customers to believe it was largely a bank for wealthy foreigners.

We set out to re-establish the brand’s point of view and purpose in a changing Britain, revitalizing the brand and inspiring audiences to reconsider HSBC UK as a brand with values they share.


Together we thrive, and to be successful it’s proven that business and individuals alike have to be open – open to new ideas, open to culture, open to change, open to learning. Therefore, at a unique time in history, when Britain was making a move to close itself off to Europe, could this be the moment for an international bank to be more open than ever before?


HSBC’s daring campaign We Are Not An Island reminded Britain that no matter what your politics are and no matter what happens, the things that make us quintessentially British are inescapably international.

No one is an island, and we’re all part of something bigger and we thrive most when connected to something bigger than ourselves.


We put HSBC at the heart of a national (and international) conversation, an unprecedented strategy that inspired a tremendous amount of growth:

  • Year-on-year current account sales grew by 50%
  • We increased the number of people switching to HSBC by 140%
  • Ad awareness grew by 300% in a single quarter (to the highest we’ve ever recorded on the brand)
  • We achieved the highest increase and growth by any bank in a single quarter for our overall Brand Index score