Everyone needs a break from flat-pack frustrations


Have a break, have a KITKAT is one of the best-loved brand lines ever. But breaks had changed a lot in 60 years, with people taking fewer and fewer despite there being more reasons than ever to take one.

Our challenge was to reframe breaks for 2019 and reclaim KITKAT’s position as Australia’s number-one chocolate bar in the category.


The reasons for needing a break are everywhere. From a low phone battery to getting too many emails; from GPS dramas to flat pack furniture; and from being on hold to queuing for… anything, the frustrations of modern life are many and we all tend to blow them out of proportion. We build them up into dramas in our head until we reach that inevitable breaking point when we just need to “snap out of it”.


We created the ‘Snap Out Of It’ campaign to reflect on common modern frustrations. We picked a particularly relatable one—building flat-pack furniture. To illustrate how universal the frustration really is, we changed the typical modern-day living room into a medieval battlefield, with a basic coffee table transformed into a giant flat-pack catapult (or ‘Katapult’). Online video and social content tackled other common issues, each with a medieval twist.


The campaign successfully reclaimed the number one spot for KITKAT in the Australian market. ‘Katapult’ was picked up by news outlets around the world and adopted by Nestlé in KITKAT markets in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and the USA. The ‘Snap Out Of It’ platform was also adopted globally.